Antique national currency was printed between 1862 and 1935. As you might
expect, the earlier issues are typically rarer than the later issues. The
denominations issued were as low as one dollar and as high as one thousand
dollars. The five, ten, and twenty dollar denominations are the most common.
Lower denominations were only issued for a short period of time so they are
rare. High denominations were costly to save and rarely printed. Click on a
denomination below to learn more about your specific national currency.

National currency was issued by any bank in the country that nationalized and desired to print money. 12,635 banks printed currency. Today some of that money is not known to exist and others can be bought be the 100s. The value of each specific bank note is all based on the condition of the bill, the bank of issue, serial number, and type of issue. National bank notes can be broken down into four different categories. The first series of notes are called first charters. These notes were first printed between 1862 and 1881. First charters are easy to spot because they will have the year 1875 or an earlier year printed on them.

First Charter Note

The second series of notes are from 1882. There are three different types of 1882 notes. The earliest 1882 notes have a brown back. The second issue has the years “1882-1908” printed on their back. The last 1882 issue states the denomination of the bill in large print on the back center of the note.

Brown Back National Currency

The third type of national currency is from 1902.  1902 notes are broken up into two groups:  red seals and blue seals.  Red seals are highly prized and almost always more valuable than blue seals.  1902 notes have “series of 1902” printed on them.  They will also have another date written in cursive.

Brown Back National Currency

1902 Blue Seal National Currency

The last issue occurred in 1929. In most situations 1929 notes are common; however, there are plenty of exceptions to that rule.

1929 Small Size National Bank Note

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