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Sell Fine Jewelry

100,000 years ago, in the land of Skhul, Israel, the very first piece of jewelry was created. Said bracelet was made out of rare shells from several coasts, gathered solely for the sake of showing of the wealth and status of a young woman. Today, the purpose of jewelry is much the same, and we’ve moved on from adorning ourselves with simple shells to wearing finely crafted pieces of rare metals and gemstones.

However, as jewelry has evolved, so too has fashion. This means that, rather than wear whatever falls into our lap, we as modern people prefer jewelry that is uniquely suited to us. Unfortunately, this means that many beautiful pieces of fine jewelry lie untouched in people’s homes for decades, as they have no reason to wear said pieces, yet they’re uncertain about how to sell fine jewelry. This uncertainty stems from the fact that many people have no idea what their jewelry is worth. Thankfully, today we’re going to reveal a few of the tricks that jewelry buyers use to get an early indication of the value of a piece.

Firstly, one needs to look carefully at the jewelry’s appearance, paying particular attention to signs of wear and tear. If there are another color shines through the metal areas with the most wear-and-tear, then it’s likely that said jewelry is merely plated, and won’t be worth too much (This is not true for white gold, which is typically plated with rhodium). Another thing to look for is how old the item appears to be, as older items tend to be more valuable.

Next, one needs to look for hallmarks. Hallmarks are small markings built somewhere into the jewelry that are meant to tell us more about the piece. There are many different hallmarks, but some of the most popular for fine jewelry include Tacori, Tiffany & Co, and Cartier. Any of those are signs of fine jewelry, and general mean that they have a high value. Finally, one should inspect the gemstone to look for prongs. Fine jewelry almost always contains its gemstones in prong or bezel settings.

If your jewelry met all the standards laid out above, congratulations! Your piece has value, and you can feel confident should you wish to sell fine jewelry. Of course, these tricks are only for getting a quick estimate, and at best only tell you if you possess authentic fine jewelry. The best way to get a solid value estimate for your jewelry is to send it to a trustworthy jewelry buyer. We have an intimate understanding of fine jewelry, and would happy to tell you exactly what your piece is worth.