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Sell estate jewelry

“Diamonds are forever” -De Boehrs Mining Company. This slogan was put forth in 1948 to showcase the enduring nature of diamond jewelry. However, the truth is, diamond jewelry isn’t the only jewelry type to endure throughout the years. Jewelry of all sorts have been down the younger generations since the first piece of jewelry was created. Of course, this means that today there is a great deal of estate jewelry that lies unused and unseen.

Estate jewelry, for those that are unaware, is any jewelry that has been passed down to a younger generation. This includes vintage jewelry (any piece made in the last 20 to 100 years) and antique jewelry (any piece made in a previous era). Perhaps unsurprisingly, estate jewelry is usually quite valuable. However, many individuals never sell theirs. This isn’t because they couldn’t use the money, it’s simply because they don’t know the market. “How much is my jewelry worth?” “Where does one sell estate jewelry?” These are common questions, and we’re here to provide answers.

When one wishes to sell estate jewelry, one must recognize that it’s not possible to fully appraise your jewelry without proper training. However, there are a few tricks one can use to estimate the price range. First, one should check the metal for hallmarks. If the jewelry is made of gold, check for “24K”. If silver, search for “Sterling” or “925”. These are both signs that the jewelry is pure. Second, check the spot price of your metal. The spot price is the current value of a single troy ounce of precious metal. Third, familiarize yourself with the gem value of your stones. Lastly, look carefully at the jewelry’s condition. Following these steps should give you a relative price range.

The next issue to search for the best place to sell estate jewelry. There are several antique jewelry buyers in the world, each of which generally falls into one of three categories: Local buyers, Smelters, and Online buyers. Local antique jewelry buyers are usually jewelry stores and pawn shops. These stores offer single-day transactions, allowing one to go in and come out with cash in just one visit. However, these stores will usually only pay about 1/7th of the market price.

One might also sell estate jewelry to a smelter. As one might expect, these places will offer one the market price of the gold and gems, not the jewelry itself. The last place to sell estate jewelry I to an established online buyer. For instance, we have experienced appraisers that will give you a fair price for your estate jewelry. If you’re interested selling, or just looking for an appraisal, contact us anytime.